Arce Stark Law LLC represents clients with intellectual property registration, enforcement, and litigation. The firm also handles contracts and transactional matters.  


Protecting your intellectual property, whether it be your photography or business name, is your first line of defense against infringement. For a flat fee, Arce Stark Law LLC handles copyright and trademark applications. 


Arce Stark Law LLC will advocate on your behalf to enforce your intellectual property rights, which may include cease and desist letters, and Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notices. This service is offered as a flat fee whenever possible to keep costs low.  


 Arce Stark Law LLC is ready to use the court system when necessary to enforce your intellectual property rights, or defend you against an intellectual property lawsuit. Arce Stark Law LLC will work with you closely to develop a litigation plan, and an appropriate billing structure. 


Arce Stark Law LLC will assist in setting up your business with a strong legal foundation. For a flat fee, the firm will advise you on your business risks and liabilities, draft and file the proper business formation documents, as well as create the necessary agreements to ensure your business is protected. 

What We've Achieved

  • Filed a lawsuit and secured a settlement against a corporation for the theft of client's art.
  • Secured significant financial settlements  on behalf of  photographers for copyright infringement.
  • Filed Anti-SLAPP lawsuit for the alleged violation of photographer's First Amendment rights. 
  • Defended photographer against a right of privacy lawsuit based on a street photo.
  • Enforced the copyrights and secured a settlement against a large magazine publication that replicated photographer's photograph. 
  • Successfully removed infringing photos and secured a settlement against a foreign company.